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Laura Shumaker is on the marketing team of Menlo Technologies. She's been writing about health and tech for over 10 years.

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Microsoft releases Azure Service Fabric Mesh: What you need to know

By Laura Shumaker |   Aug 9, 2018 8:39:50 AM

What is Azure Service Fabric Mesh?

If you attended Microsoft Inspire in July, it’s likely that you noticed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sprinkling the word “fabric”—metaphorically and literally-- throughout his keynote presentation.

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Cloud Native Application Development for Azure

By Laura Shumaker |   Aug 1, 2018 5:56:57 PM

Moving your legacy applications to the modern cloud with Microsoft Azure 


Legacy applications can be a headache for organizations undergoing a digital transformation. Software developed on out-of-date platforms using older programming tools can be inflexible and difficult to change. How can organizations modernize existing applications that are still critical to the business?

Levels of Legacy Application Modernization with Azure

Although there is no single or one-size-fits-all strategy to migrate the legacy applications to the cloud, the right migration strategy depends on your organization’s goals, how your applications will align to them, and what value the applications bring to your business.


  • Cloud Infrastructure-based Applications migrate or rehost existing on-premises applications to the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. The apps will have almost the same composition as before, but they can now be able to deploy to VMs in the cloud. This form of migration is typically known as “Lift & Shift.”
  • Cloud Optimized Applications help organizations gain additional benefits even without altering or the significantly rearchitecting code. You can run your app with modern cloud technologies such as containers or through other cloud-managed services. You can also deploy the containers on PaaS or IaaS to databases, monitoring, cache as a service, and CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) pipelines.

The ultimate goal?

Cloud-Native Applications  are the ultimate cloud goal, as they are purpose built for the cloud model. These applications—built and deployed in a rapid cadence by small, dedicated feature teams to a platform that offers easy scale-out and hardware decoupling—provide organizations with greater agility, resilience, and portability across cloud environments. Benefits include:
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Menlo Technologies named Top Custom Software Developer in India

By Laura Shumaker |   Jul 3, 2018 1:34:04 PM

Clutch names Menlo top market leader in India

Menlo Technologies was recently recognized by Clutch as:

  • One of the top ten custom software developers in India. 
  • One of the top B2B companies in India.

Clutch, a business insight and research firm in Washington, D.C., reviews small and mid-sized companies like Menlo. Through extensively collecting and analyzing data, such as clients’ reviews, market presence, and prior experience, Clutch compiles rankings of businesses in a variety of industries and provides relative comparisons of firms’ performance, service, and work quality.

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