App Development 101 for Non-Technical Founders

By Laura Shumaker |   Apr 13, 2018 4:45:48 PM

Understanding how great ideas become products

The fundamental challenge every startup founder faces is turning a great idea into a product.  If you’re like many non-technical founders, you might wonder if you should sign up for a coding class and build the product yourself, even though you know that your time and talent is best spent building your team, your brand and managing your investors.

While it’s best to hire a team of developers with years of experience building applications, understanding the development process is a key component of creating your product. You can have a disruptive idea and talented developer but still end up with an underwhelming--even buggy product if you don't have an understanding of the development process.

In Menlo's App Development 101 for Non-Technical Founders, we’ll show you what the world of app development looks like. We'll also show you how to choose the right app development team to help you build and launch your project. 

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