Digital Transformation and Transforming the Customer Experience

By Laura Shumaker |   May 18, 2018 1:09:13 PM

What B2B companies can learn from B2C buyers

I recently took my son, a recent college graduate, shopping for “business casual” job interview attire at our local mall. It was an exhausting experience. The shirts I selected (that were ideal, by the way) were, in my son’s opinion, too blue, too plaid or too tech-bro. Finally, I Googled “job interview shirts for male millennials” and found this brand, and my son approved. We ordered a couple of shirts, a jacket and some pants right from my iPhone. The items were shipped for free and arrived in a few days.

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Getting employees onboard for the digital transformation journey

By Laura Shumaker |   May 1, 2018 2:29:58 PM

The most challenging aspect of digital transformation isn’t the technology 

It’s effectively managing change and getting people to embrace it.

According to a recent study by Gartner , a growing number of CEOs are saying that digital transformation is at the  core of their strategies  . But many wrestle with the “how” of digital transformation. While   87% of companies believe digital will disrupt their industry , only 44% are adequately prepared for projected disruption due to digital trends.
Most, if not all, businesses understand that they need to embrace digital transformation, but don't understand how to go about it. What are the specific steps businesses need to take?
In the next few weeks, Menlo Technologies will talk about those steps, starting with tips for preparing your team.
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