An App Development Success Story: CRCL

By Laura Shumaker |   Sep 18, 2017 10:08:50 PM

The Idea

Crcl (pronounced “circle”) has been different from the start.

In March of 2015, app development was the last thing on Chas Pulido's mind. The senior in high school discovered a lump in his upper arm that was later identified as a tumor. Luckily, after months of monitoring, the tumor was ruled benign. But this mortality check had an impact on Chas.

With the gift of time, Chas gained an understanding of the importance of enjoying life, people and positive experiences. He wanted to encourage others to embrace their passions. With that vision in mind, Chas began searching.

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The benefits of launching your app sooner than later

By Laura Shumaker |   Jul 26, 2017 10:54:38 AM

Apps such as Uber, Twitter and Instagram, many believe, gained worldwide popularity and thousands of users in a very short time. But that is not the case. Each were once primitive apps that no one had heard about. Can you remember what these apps looked like at the beginning?

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User Experience Design 101

By Laura Shumaker |   Jan 12, 2016 6:26:06 PM

What web designers and mobile app developers need to know about people 

A few months back, I told you about a website that irritated me quite a bit. I was doing some research for a white paper internationalization at the time and was directed to a page with a black background and a large block of content in fine red font. I really wanted to read the content, so ended up cutting and pasting it into a word doc and enlarging it. The author had some interesting points to make, but his style was full of sarcasm and jargon and I just had to give up. So much for a user friendly website design.

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