Testing Mobile Apps with a Mobile Device Cloud

By Laura Shumaker |   Mar 29, 2018 4:06:35 PM

 The problem: Apps need to be tested on a massive variety of mobile devices 

  • Market demand for mobile app development services continues to grow, and today’s users expect the highest quality user experience. They demand the most efficient, effective and secure methods for their mobile app development processes, including mobile app testing.
  • To ensure their mobile apps perform reliably for every user, businesses need to test on key variations of the burgeoning variety of mobile devices.
  • Mobile device access management has been plagued with inefficiency and risk, requiring IT teams to purchase an unreasonable number of devices to cover their enterprise’s growing needs.

That’s expensive

In addition to the cost and inefficiencies of having multiple mobile devices, security has become a top concern for today’s enterprises, thanks to the rise in data breaches.

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A Quick Guide to Mobile Testing

By Gary Prioste |   Aug 19, 2015 2:28:36 PM


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