The 5 Best Techology, News and Culture Podcasts You're Not Listening to

By Laura Shumaker |   Feb 13, 2016 2:55:25 PM


When you live and work in the heart of Silicon Valley as the crew at Menlo Technologies does, a commute of 20 miles can take either 20 minutes or an hour and a half (or more) depending on the traffic. Cockeyed optimists like me consider this good news, because it means the economy is strong. Many Bay Area commuters spend drive time on business calls, others practice mindfulness, but still more listen to podcasts. You’ve probably heard of and listened to the more well known and popular shows but there are 5 that I, Menlo Technologies spokesperson of the moment, have discovered that you really must listen to. "Wait a minute," you might say as you read podcasts mentioned here, "you didn't mention xyz!" That's right, I didn't. I'm only mentioning ones that I have personally listened to. Please share your choices is the comment section below.

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